Tranzact of Indy is not a parts distributor. We custom manufacture and assemble all of our transmissions and supply many distributors with the parts they sell. We do carry  many race oriented and custom fabricated parts. Our research and development is done at the track and we have a long history of manufacturing some of the toughest components available. Below are some of the parts we offer: 



Tranzact of Indy has built some of the quickest and most powerful engines in the industry. We specialize in stroker Mopar engine and all of our engines are custom built to order. Call us for all of your Mopar engine needs from stock restoration projects to blown, injected pro-mod powerplants. We handle all of the processes in-house from decking to balancing to custom porting. We handle all of the machining in-house to keep quality high and costs low. We are a WD for Indy Cylinder Head so parts are of the highest quality and reasonably priced. Please contact us for your machining and parts needs.



All valve bodies are dynoed and transbrake test shifted 10 + times and all pressure set so you do not need to ck or drop pan to set. Ultimate Bracket 727-904 Valve Body - Footbrake, Transbrake, Manual - Tranzact has combined all of their record-setting championship winning valve bodies into ONE. From the first working low band applied transbrake in 1982. This valve body can directly replace manual with no modifications as long as it is set up for manual. The low bolt-in one wire body features an internal mechanical solenoid features: • No rolling • No need for line locs • Rev Pattern • Stock casting For limited time $475.00   
Torque-Flite 727 Valve Body - Manual Valve Body (Rev. Pattern) Fits 727 & 904: $150.00 low band applied $180.00

 Pro Competition billet Trans Brake Kit (Reverse Pattern) - this is the one all try to achieve as it has the best shift 1-2 2-3 a quick hold and quick release that the car run quicker and more mph as it does not drag the shifts proven over and over. $599.95

 Nitro Pro billet Brake (full low band applied) higher pressure for 2500 hp + tested our pro-mod car and has clean shifts  - $625.00 

Clean neutral brake P n/r 123 N pattern  We were the first to make this pattern. We needed on our blower car this set to get the car stoped at 1/8 mile tracks as we was 178 mph and had to shut down the engine deploy the chutes pull fuel shut off in time
$650.00 add $25.00 for low band applied