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Tranzact of Indy is not a parts distributor. We custom manufacture and assemble all of our transmissions and supply many distributors with the parts they sell. We do carry many race oriented and custom fabricated parts. Our research and development is done at the track and we have a long history of manufacturing some of the toughest components available. Below are some of the parts we offer: Custom fabricated oil pans - Our new line of drop in gear sets - All 727 internals - Trans brakes (Bracket Racing to Full Race)



A long overdue breakthrough in transmission technology is now available for 727 high horsepower racing. Compiled from information provided by the racing public and dyno testing, we offer 3 different ratios that have set the standard for these applications. Testing for the past five years on multiple doorslammers, dragsters and funnycars have proven these ratios are the best and strongest possible for gear selections. Plus, we offer a two speed option for throttle stops, so they don't get caught during shift change. Shifting is handled by a billet valvebody with multi shifting options.

These combinations of helical and spur cut gears are NOT a welded up 904. They are larger and stronger to provide the needed strength for horsepower and the durability we sought. For a limited time, a special price is available for a complete transmission, fully bearing and lightened components, plus an aluminum high rev drum, billet valvebody, race-prepped case with a deep pan and extension. A great deal!